On this page I will try to bring current information pertaining to Houseboating on Lake Shasta.

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Houseboat Ownership  

Most of the moorage on Shasta runs around $275.00 to $460.00 per month.  That does not include Bridge Bay which is  up to $8.00+ per foot on their new docks, plus they no longer afford their moorage customers with complimentary "Guest Parking Passes".  Their new docks have water and power to each slip, are very nice and are located right off of I-5 at Bridge Bay Road.  Insurance will probably run about $1200.00 per year depending on the replacement value of the boat and liability values.  You can just about count on having your Insurance Company require an "Out of Water Survey" prior to insuring.  This could run about $800.00 + - including the haul out and the surveyor.  Annual US Forest Service fees are $450.00 per year.  Shasta County taxes us 1% of the boat and permit value annually for property tax. 

Shasta Lake
Houseboat Basics

Gray Water Memo of Understanding      
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New Rules are in effect.    
19 November 2004

US Forest Service 
Amendment #3

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Pertains to Houseboat "ROV" Permits

Be Fire Safe

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Gray Water Solution.
4" PVC Pipe a few fittings a little glue
and quite an imagination. 

Great Fishing right from the back
deck of your own house boat.
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